Ironhead Brings the Good Fight to the Streets of Toronto!

Posted by on Jul 20, 2011 in Logo Design, Recent Missions, Retail Branding

Our friends at Ironhead Originals have finally unleashed their killer line of custom clothing on the Big Smoke! After years of honing their skills and designs on the streets of Kitsilano in Vancouver, Ironhead has opened their second retail location on Queen St. West in TO!

From professional athletes, artists and celebrities, to the working man with a sense of style, Ironhead’s limited edition custom designs are in high demand!

Since the beginning, Barnstorm has been a part of the team helping to create some of Ironhead’s cornerstone images. From the original boxer design throwing the first knock-out punch, to the lean, mean hockey icon adorning professional and amateur hockey stars alike, Barnstorm is proud to have helped Ironhead build their image into one of the toughest brands out there!

When Ironhead and Barnstorm team up, big things happen! Keep an eye out for new ever-evolving designs, and always remember to Fight the Good Fight.

Congrats you guys! keep on rockin!

Check out some designs and their wicked list of friends HERE!